Make Sense of Your Data

No matter how many data sources you have, it can be difficult seeing how certain data points affect others. How many users are coming to your website because of the social media ads you're running? Do phone calls lead to sales on our website? Gray Hat Tech ties all your data sources together to give you a better picture of what's working and what's not.

Custom Dashboards

Create custom dashboards with the data you want to see, all together in one place. Be informed of your newest leads and where they came from. Our team can help connect all of your data sources together to show the information that matters most to you.

Data Integrations

Need help getting an additional data source working with your current setup? Gray Hat helps connect the dots between different sources and systems. Whether you're looking to append data to a database or add a new feature to your existing system, Gray Hat has you covered.

Data Automation

Stop wasting time with repition. Create custom automations to help move and sync data, send and respond to messages, really anything you can think of. Let us help you automate your life.