Get better, faster data sources for your business.

Gray Hat Tech specializes in finding unique and relevant data, no matter what industry. Whether you're looking for new contacts to help grow your network, or up-to-the-minute competitor pricing info, Gray Hat Tech has a data source for you.

Lead Generation

Finding good leads is hard. Sometimes you purchase a list of contacts only to find that the list is several months old and the data isn't relavant anymore. Gray Hat Tech prides itself on finding fresh and relevant leads, so you can focus on outreaching and expanding your business.


Greg Doe

Title: Senior Architect


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Last Updated: 08/01/2022

Real-Time Price Analysis

If you're in an industry that is constantly in flux, it can be difficult to know if your selling your products at the right price. Gray Hat Tech constantly analyzes your market and the prices of your competitors to make sure you always have the competitive edge.

Custom Data Collection

Have a project or campaign and need help collecting data? Our consultants can create, build, and maintain custom data collectors for your business. Please contact our support team to learn more.